How to exfil in dmz

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Simply open the shop menu, go to gear, and purchase the first item in the list: Personal. The DMZ mode is also the safest bet for players to earn random perks, and it all depends on something called the exfil streak. . A different squad could bring home a hostage after the original target team decided it would be too much hastle.

A different squad could bring home a hostage after the original target team decided it would be too much hastle.



Then everybody hops on, wonders why it's not taking off, and then they get crushed by the _real_ exfil heli, and die in the fiery explosion.

, separate from the three available for everyone on the map.

It's not any fun when the game has just evolved into a camping match between snipers at the exfil, waiting pick people off for their loots.

. Survive until the helicopter arrives for a successful exfil. . .

The camera works similarly to a. . .

When it does, call in the extraction chopper, board it, and lie prone in the middle of the helicopter, facing the cockpit.
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May 21, 2023 · Follow the steps below to find the hidden exfil area in Koschei Complex in Warzone 2 DMZ.

To exfil in DMZ, you’ll need to go to specific points marked on your Tac-Map. .

This can be found in the restricted area of the airport and on the train. Screengrab via Activision.

After you purchase the personal exfil, an extraction point will appear near the shop.

Taking regular gas cans to refuel the Heavy Chopper won’t work. .

Search the orange caches and behind locked doors for the best chance of finding.

You need to reach these locations if you want to leave.


. Warzone 2. Press the designated button to fill up the chopper with the Heavy Chopper Fuel. Today we had a final exfil location in the sandstorm and two teams fighting at it.

Flying it out of bounds will automatically trigger exfiltration. Put them on three exfil choppers. To complete the Exfil Tracking mission in DMZ you cannot call the exfil yourself, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cheese the mission to some extent. To use the device, hold down on your Tactical hotkey.


Reach one of the exfil zones in a DMZ match and wait for the extraction helicopter. . This guide will tell you how to extract with the final exfil in.